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Material Handlers For Scrap & Recycling Industries

Fast precise duty cycles that you can depend on, day after day.

SENNEBOGEN first made its name in the Americas by making good on that promise for scrap recyclers. From our first installation in 2000, SENNEBOGEN’s reputation for productivity, dependability and aftersale support spread quickly. Within 10 years, we became the industry’s top choice for purpose-built scrap handlers.

Scrap Metals Industry

  • Consistent, efficient loading for trucks, rail cars and barges
  • Responsive handling to sort, transfer and stockpile melt mixes
  • Run long shifts with minimal downtime to feed shredders, shears, balers & grinders

Steel Industry: Mills, Foundries, Distribution

  • Quickly and simply sort, transfer and stockpile melt mixes
  • A strong, stable platform for picking and stockpiling bar and pipe products
  • Versatility to sort, load, transfer and process scrap material

Drop-ball Applications

  • Specialized drop-ball machines built to minimize brake wear and maximize uptime
  • Engineered for fast cycle times under heavy loads
  • Proven dependability in all scrap-handling and recycling environments
  • Ideal for breaking castings, slag and other materials

Demolition Projects

  • Compact, transportable loaders for onsite processing equipment, mobile debris handling and scrap metal recovery

Learn more about SENNEBOGEN machines for demolition and construction projects here

Scrap Handlers For Sale

Electric-drive scrap handlers from SENNEBOGEN run on the same low-cost power supply as the heavy processing machinery they feed, achieving significant savings in fuel and service time.

Scap Handler Efficiency Detail

With its efficient cooling system, reversing fan and smart hydraulic routings, SENNEBOGEN scrap material handling equipment is renowned for standing up to the harsh working environment of a busy recycling yard.

Equipped with a 182’ (55.4 m) boom & stick, the SENNEBOGEN 870 R-HD provides the stability for their demolition operations.

Break more material, faster. The SENNEBOGEN 870 R-HD with magnet and drop-ball is ideal for breaking castings, slag and other materials.

Scap Handler at Work

This SENNEBOGEN 880 R-HD electric drive scrap handler is moving more material with its 10 yd. 5 tine grapple than the facility’s rope crane with a grapple twice its size.