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Marine Cranes for Ports & Barge Facilities

SENNEBOGEN is changing the landscape along American waterways with innovative material handling technologies applied to the industry’s largest and most productive marine cranes and barge handlers.

The new generation of green machines, ranging from versatile mobile units to towering equilibrium cranes, means facility operators in ocean ports and river ports have more ways to maximize throughput and reduce demurrage costs.     

Moving aggregates or portland, fertilizers or grains, metals or wood products, SENNEBOGEN has the solutions to keep supply lines flowing.

Barge Facilities

  • Elevating, forward-moving maXCabs give operators a direct view into holds
  • Fast, mobile loading barge handlers can access cargoes at any dock location
  • Simple controls ensure quick, precise duty cycles to load hoppers and conveyors

Coal Facilities

  • America’s largest purpose-built machines keep pace with demands for power plant and steel mill production
  • Full range of models and sizes available with electric drive for minimal energy cost and 24/7 operation

Dredging & Remediation Marine Cranes

  • Long reach and choice of boom pin locations adapt to requirements for transloading sediment from barges to shore facilities
  • Highly transportable marine crane tailored to move and set up quickly between dredge sites

barge handler in action

SENNEBOGEN’s EQ cranes utilize innovative counterbalance designs to minimize the energy cost of operating today’s largest purpose-built material handlers.

SENNEBOGEN’s easy operation, compared to traditional rope cranes, allows a fast learning curve for new operators to become fully proficient in days instead of years.