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SENNEBOGEN UPtime Kits “Purpose-built” for every task

Parts stocking made easy!

Save time, save money, and streamline every service call with pre-packaged parts kits matched to your machine.

In the shop or in the field, these fully stocked packages bring together all the parts and materials required for a specific service task, conveniently sorted and organized in one place.

Simplify parts inventories and prep time.

With a single part number to order and stock, SENNEBOGEN pre-packaged UPtime kits are the smart way to manage hundreds of related service parts:

  • in-stock and ready to ship
  • matched to your machine model and series
  • job-specific components
  • time saved sorting loose parts, and
  • ideal for stocking service trucks.

Order your UPtime Kits by Model & Part Number


Auto-Lubrication Kits

Include all common parts needed for system repairs: more than 80 components and tools per kit. Two different configurations based on specific models:

For 825 D/E, 830 D/E, 835 D/E, 840 D/E – Order Part #113541
For 718 E, 730 E, 735 E, 818 E, 821 D/E, 850 D/E, 855 D/E, 860 D/E, 870 C/E, 875 E – Order Part #076274


Electrical Kits

Stocks and sorts up to 80 different electrical components and materials used on SENNEBOGEN material handling machines including a multimeter.

For D Series – Order Part #115489
For E Series – Order Part #169166


SAE Flange Kits

Complete set of extension and locking devices for all hydraulic hoses and tubes on SENNEBOGEN machines.  Extend or cap tubes and hoses anytime, anywhere.

For D Series – Order Part #056274
For E Series – Order Part #056274

Plug & Connector Kits

A total of 60 repair parts for 32 different plugs and connectors including contact pins, sockets, and extracting tools.

For D Series – Order Part #168667
For E Series – Order Part #168667

Fitting Kits

More than 135 fittings for over 42 different versions of common fittings used on SENNEBOGEN machines.

For D Series – Order Part #040474
For E Series – Order Part #040474

A/C Service Kits

Small parts and seals frequently required for work on mobile air conditioning systems. Included are: 1 relay for magnetic coupling, 1 temperature sensor, 1 pressure switch, 1 draining hose, and 4 #10 O-rings.

For D Series – Order Part #189726
For E Series – Order Part #189726

O-Ring Kits

Available in 3 configurations:
Basic kit with 99 O-rings from 0-70 mm; includes 4 A/C O-rings.
Extension kit with 66 O-rings from 0-70 mm and 11 pipe mounting rings.
Master kit combines Basic and Extension sets; supplied in two boxes with 165 O-rings, 11 pipe mounting rings, and 4 A/C rings.

For O-ring Basic Kit – Order Part #217477
For O-ring Extension Kit – Order Part #217478
For O-ring Master Kit – Order Part #217476 (includes #217477 & #217478)

Tree Care UPtime Kit

This job-ready kit, developed in response to field operation reports, gives 718/728/738 operators the spare parts and key components unique to tree care handler machines: a selection of coils, switches, connectors, filters, and O-rings for fast field repairs.

For 718 E Series – Order Part # 259093
For 728 E Series – Order Part # S001772
For 738 E Series – Order Part # 287938

Grapple-Saw Kit

Specifically for the tree care industry, includes hoses, fittings, bar & chain, and chain mount for servicing SENNEBOGEN’s standard saw attachment. Also includes Panolin (biodegradable hydraulic oil) for use in sensitive environments.

For Grapple Saw Kit – Order Part #S001055

Download the UPtime Kits Brochure

Contact SENNEBOGEN Parts Support directly for ordering assistance. Support specialists are on duty 24/7 to answer your questions and requests.

Phone: 704-347-4911