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Tilting Cab

Elevating Maxcab with added debris guarding and 30° tilt for working at heights

Harbor Cab

Developed for operation on seaports and waterways, the spacious maXcab affords excellent visibility above, below, forward and to the sides.

Puller undercarriage

The 830 M-T trailer puller is mounted on an undercarriage specially engineered to withstand heavy pulling stresses, with separate transmissions on each axle for added pulling power and traction.

Soft-soils undercarriage

The 830 M-HDS is designed for rough terrain with a reinforced heavy-duty undercarriage and large-dimensioned single tires for extra flotation.


The EQ counterbalance reduces energy costs using a simple lever mechanism to automatically adjust load balance with its movement on the boom.

Green Hybrid

New generation of SENNEBOGEN Material Handlers features the Green Hybrid system which recovers up to 30% of the lifting energy generated by the boom to reduce fuel costs and emissions. See […]

Impact protection

Additional safety features for hazardous work zones include a windshield protection guard, bulletproof windshield and bulletproof skylight.

Cooling system

Intelligent cooling technology with fast, large dimensioned reversing fans extend machine life in tough environments.

One-piece center frame

A large, continuous center frame optimizes distribution of stresses and machine balance from boom pivot to counterweight.

Heavy-duty doors

Solid steel compartment doors avoid costs to replace or repair the damages that often occur with lighter materials.

Boom pivot

Selectable pivot points located forward on the chassis for enhanced balance and lifting capacity.


SENNEBOGEN grapples and hydraulically-driven magnet systems are matched to provide operators with the most efficient tools for their application.

Booms & sticks

SENNEBOGEN fabricates its own booms and sticks to eliminate welding stresses inside the box structure.

Limit switches

Limit switches on the boom and stick cylinders cushion rod movement and prevent attachments from colliding with the cab.

Fuses and Relays

All fuses and relays are easily accessible from ground level in a centrally located box with distinct labeling.

Safety rails

Full guarding on upper decks provide safety for technicians.


Continuous 3-point contact access to upper deck with handrails and guarding from ground to cab.

Dual cameras

Only SENNEBOGEN provides a right-view and rear-view camera as standard to provide 360o visibility with a view past the boom.


Advanced diagnostic system with user-friendly multi-colored interface available in multiple languages.

High-rise visibility

Elevating maXcab maximizes safety, loading accuracy end stability with hydraulic elevation up to 21 ft (6.4 m).

Safe entry/exit

The maXcab’s sliding door, catwalk and railing, mounted permanently at the cab entry, provide the safest entry and egress for the operator.

Square footprint

A uniform stance and a central swing point allow equal load limits for lifting from all sides through 360o.

Swing system

Dual drives provide excellent cycle times and swing torque for large loads.

Swing ring

A continuous flange ring integrated into the lower carriage structure reduces stress on the slew bearing.

Multiple platforms

Standardized machine design adapts to standard wheeled, tracked and pedestal mounts without change.