Green Hybrid Energy Capture

The new Green Hybrid energy capture combines high capacity production with the industry’s new standard for cost-efficient performance

SENNEBOGEN’s advanced design utilizes our hydraulic expertise along with nitrogen gas accumulators to cut the required lifting energy (and its cost) by 30%. This energy capture returns additional savings by reducing heat and wear throughout the machine’s power systems.

  • Accumulators capture potential energy generated by vertical boom movements
  • Recover up to 30% of lifting energy from the boom
  • Engineered with standard hydraulic components
  • Guarantees high productivity, fast cycle times combined with high lift capacities

A Safer Solution

The Green Hybrid system is unique in its use of conventional hydraulics to capture boom energy at the front of the machine and store it safely in secure containers at the rear. This approach eliminates any potential hazard of pressurized components near the front of the machine and operator’s cab.