Working along the Autobahn: SENNEBOGEN 718 for embankment maintenance

Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH from the county of Rosenheim provides its clients a variety of services centered around wood and nature. What these services actually provide is exhibited by a new E-series SENNEBOGEN 718 clearing the embankments along autobahn A8.

Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH uses a SENNEBOGEN 718 E-series with Westtech Woodcracker cutter head to clear embankments along autobahn A8.

The A8, the autobahn from Munich to Austria, is one of the primary routes taken by Germans traveling south for vacation. A notorious feature of this autobahn, also known from the traffic jam reports on the radio, is Irschenberg hill, an ascent in the foothills of the Alps that inclines the A8 up to 7% in some areas. All along this scenic route, Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH clears the bridge embankments – a necessary undertaking to preserve the material supporting bridges and underpasses.

On behalf of the autobahn maintenance authority, Hälbich has been utilizing the latest addition to its fleet, a SENNEBOGEN 718, with great success. The machine, delivered by sales and service partner Fischer & Schweiger in October 2016, is ideal for working on embankments thanks to its 13 m telescopic boom. With a Westtech Woodcracker attached, operator Max Steinecker can securely grab and chop soft wood up to 25 cm in diameter. “Thanks to an outstanding range of around 15 m, this combination of cutter head and telescopic boom makes me superior to any other material handler”, Steinecker gushed. Even with a full load, the rugged, mobile undercarriage with 2-point outrigger system and support plate keeps the machine firmly and safely on the road.

Compact size and ease of movement thanks to road approval
Another benefit of the machine, seen especially when used on the autobahn, is its compact size. With outriggers deployed, the 718 is just 3.90 m wide and 5.31 m long. The swivel radius of the rear is just 2.38 m, not only saving traffic space but also making room for additional equipment and storage on site. Hälbich uses the SENNEBOGEN 718 all along the autobahn with flexibility. And the machine can make the trips from site to site itself thanks to approval for road use. A flatbed trailer is enough for transport over longer distances.

Operator Max Steinecker uses the SENNEBOGEN 718 to clear bridges from above or underpass embankments from below. In either case, the Maxcab comfort cab, which can be elevated by 2.7 m, offers him an ideal overview of the work area. Especially since his coworkers are at work all around him with chainsaws, this feature is one of the most important safety factors in tree maintenance, as confirmed by Steinecker.

Statement: “The SENNEBOGEN 718 is a perfect addition to our fleet. The extensive range and flexibility of this mobile machine means autobahns, railways and roads can be cleared more quickly and more safely – the ideal machine for us.” Operator Max Steinecker, Hälbich Dienstleistungs GmbH