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Steelworks Service Provider Relies Completely On SENNEBOGEN Electric Material Handlers

840 crawler gantry solution

With rail tracks on one side and the piles of scrap metal on the other, the flexible 840 crawler gantry solution ensures work can continue uninterrupted while trucks deliver scrap to the steelworks.

Czech Republic – Innovation, safety and a reliable partner – that is what was important to the owner of Steelage, Jörgen Sassen. “We have been working with SENNEBOGEN for a few years now. We were looking for the perfect balance in terms of price, performance, productivity and reliability that others in the market were not offering.” They finally found the perfect match with their local SENNEBOGEN dealer.

The new SENNEBOGEN E Series machines, painted in the company livery, really stand out. They have been a permanent fixture at mill service specialists Steelage since the beginning of 2018. Steelage, has been operating at Ostrava, the largest steelworks in the Czech Republic and is located in the heart of the third largest Czech town since the 1950s. Steelage, working exclusively with SENNEBOGEN since their first days of operation, has become indispensable as their internal scrap logistics expert, handling on average 120,000 tons a month.

Those in charge of the project faced an interesting challenge due to the limited space available. The central scrap yard is surrounded by narrow pathways and two sets of railroad tracks! On top of that, the scrap has to be transported across the tracks. Complicating it even further is the need to be able to easily load and unload railcars and trucks.  

840 R-HD on a 2 m pylon

The 840 R-HD on a 2 m pylon gives the operator a clear view into the railcar.

By working closely with SENNEBOGEN and their dealer, a customized solution was configured using the SENNEBOGEN product line. Using the modularity of the SENNEBOGEN design, an 840 crawler gantry material handler, powered via a spiral winding engine line drum, was created. This meant that trucks can drive under the material handlers without interrupting their workflow. Now with reach of over 75’ (23 m) and a strengthened special attachment, this robust machine is able to withstand the rigors of 6,000 operating hours a year.

In the middle of the front section of their 215,000 ftyard (20,000 m2), another stationary SENNEBOGEN 825 electric material handler feeds a compactor. It will be replaced by a SENNEBOGEN 830 E Series machine giving it more reach and lifting capacity. Three more electric drive 840 R-HD material handlers mounted on a 2 m pylon work the various areas of the yard. The additional 2 m extension ensures that the operators have the best possible view of the piles as well as when loading the rail cars.

“As we are involved in recycling the steelworks’ old scrap, it was clear for many reasons, including why it was important to reduce our growing responsibility towards our employees and our surrounding environment,” says Sassen.


SENNEBOGEN has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 65 years. Based in Stanley, North Carolina, within the greater Charlotte region, SENNEBOGEN LLC offers a complete range of purpose-built machines to suit virtually any material handling application. Established in America in the year 2000, SENNEBOGEN LLC has quickly become a leading provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, demolition, barge and port operations, log-handling, transfer stations, waste facilities and the tree care industry from coast to coast. A growing network of distributors supports SENNEBOGEN LLC sales and service across the Americas, ensuring the highest standard of professional machine support and parts availability.

For more information on the full line of SENNEBOGEN green line material handlers, contact:

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