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Multi-Tasking SENNEBOGEN 830 E Demolition Machine Takes Down Vacant Fortress In Regensburg


The SENNEBOGEN 830 E demolishing the old furniture store in record time after it stood empty for 10 years

Regensburg, Germany – After ten years of seeing the former Wangler furniture store stand vacant, local residents in Regensburg, Germany were pleased to see a crew from Metz GmbH arrive to tear down the building. At the center of the jobsite is a SENNEBOGEN 830 R-HDD E Series material handler fitted with a variety of attachments to bring down and extract the material, sort it and load it for on-site crushing.

Valued partner on the building site
The 830 R-HDD E is a 90,000 lbs. (40,800 kg) SENNEBOGEN machine on a crawler undercarriage that’s specially equipped for the demanding conditions of demolition work. Easy to transport on a lowboy trailer, short set-up time and flexible range of attachments are just some of the reasons why the contractor decided to purchase the SENNEBOGEN’s 830 R-HDD machine.


Equipped with a demolition grab, bucket or shears, the flexibility of the demolition handler 830 from SENNEBOGEN’s E Series is impressive

Metz was founded in 2007 and specializes in full-service dismantling projects – from the controlled demolition of the structure, to crushing and sorting, right through to the removal of material, all carried out by a 25-person expert demolition crew. Clearly, this one-stop approach requires machines that are as flexible as possible and Metz found them through working with SENNEBOGEN and their local SENNEBOGEN dealer.

Stability and extensive reach
With a reach of 62 ft. (19 m) and a full width of 15 ft. (4.5 m), the 830’s demolition ability is ideally suited to downtown demolition. “Despite its compact footprint, the machine is very stable. This is especially evident when we are working with large loads or reaching up high”, says operator Andreas Feigl.

Another plus, according to Feigl, is that the machine has a 360° working radius with equal load capacity in all directions. This provides an ideal view of the entire work area from the cab. The elevating Maxcab with a 30° tilt means that the operator can work comfortably at an eye-level height of 20 ft. (6 m). From the ergonomic comfort seat, he can control the shears, bucket or demolition grab with a direct view of the attachment, even when reaching the tallest part of the building.


Reach of 62 ft. (19 m), 3.5 ton load capacity – the 830 E demolition handler is a powerful partner on downtown demolition site

Always an eye on costs
Operating with reduced emissions is an important responsibility. It’s not just being kind to the environment but it’s also important to be easy on the wallet. “The SENNEBOGEN 830 comes out really well in the time-money-precision equation!”, says Christian Metz, founder and managing director of the demolition company. “The low fuel consumption of its Tier 4F diesel engine and the reduced downtime with fewer refueling stops has completely won us over!”.


SENNEBOGEN has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 65 years. Based in Stanley, North Carolina, within the greater Charlotte region, SENNEBOGEN LLC offers a complete range of purpose-built machines to suit virtually any material handling application. Established in America in the year 2000, SENNEBOGEN LLC has quickly become a leading provider of specialized equipment solutions for recycling and scrap metal yards, demolition, barge and port operations, log-handling, transfer stations, waste facilities and the tree care industry from coast to coast. A growing network of distributors supports SENNEBOGEN LLC sales and service across the Americas, ensuring the highest standard of professional machine support and parts availability.

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