SENNEBOGEN Purpose-Built Material Handling Equipment

SENNEBOGEN manufactures and supports America’s most complete line-up of purpose-built material handling

SENNEBOGEN Material Handlers

Material Handlers

Diesel-fueled or electric-drive machines from 44,000 lbs. (24,000 kg) to 750,000 lbs. (300,000 kg) with reach options from 30’ (9 m) to 130’ (40 m) including Balance cranes and Green Hybrid models.

All models may be mounted on the full range of platforms including rubber tired or tracked undercarriages, pedestal and stationary mounts, locomotive, gantry.

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SENNEBOGEN Pick & Carry Machines

Pick & Carry Machines

Model 730 and 735 machines are specially engineered for log-handling applications with a compact size and high lifting capacity.

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SENNEBOGEN Balance Cranes

Balance Cranes

New EQ counterbalance engineering provides a simple, reliable system for lifting heavy loads while reducing energy and operating costs by as much as 75%.

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SENNEBOGEN Balance Cranes

Drop Ball Machines

Duty-cycle cranes with dual lifting hoists are designed to endure continuous uptime in highly repetitive heavy lift applications.

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OEM Attachments

SENNEBOGEN grapples, grabs and lifting magnets are engineered for optimum performance and reliability on green line machines.

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