Duty-Cycle Crane For Drop-Ball Applications

The SENNEBOGEN 6100 HD DB is a 100 ft. (30 m) hydraulic dual-hoist duty-cycle crane engineered for the highly repetitive heavy lifts required for drop-ball applications.

The dual hoists drive the lifting cables in both directions, lifting the drop-ball load up and also powering the magnet down. The magnet remains under hydraulic control as it’s lowered, so wear on the hoist brakes is minimized without slowing the duty cycle. The independent drives split the load, so it’s able to lift very quickly and efficiently.

The brakes are also mounted in hydraulic lubricant, so temperatures stay cool despite the heavy loads and continuous cycling.

  • Reduced brake wear achieves dramatic savings in maintenance and downtime
  • Dual hoist design requires no friction brakes or air clutches
  • Excellent access to service components
  • Intuitive, familiar joystick control
6100 HD DB Duty Cycle Crane in Action
6100 HD DB Duty Cycle Crane

This SENNEBOGEN 6100 HD DB duty-cycle crane reduces brake wear and maintenance by splitting its load over dual hydraulic hoists as it powers the load up and also powers the magnet down to retrieve its drop ball.